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Bodega Solutions are based on integrating best of breed technologies delivered as a complete solution, implemented holistically and supported completely.


Discovery is about continued renewal through the lens of data and insights.  Bodega automates the secure collection and transmission, integration and presentation of IT data across one or many domains within hours and then then leverages associative dimensioning to provide every user, irrespective of skillset or background, with the ability to interact with technical data at the depth and breadth needed to make intelligent decisions in real time.  And, because we take a fraction of the time typical manual processes take, you can run repeated discovery cycles to ensure you always have the most up-to-date picture of your global IT environment.


Planning for a cloud migration is not as easy as swapping one on-premises server for one in the cloud.  The cloud is a cost-effective solution if you size and leverage your cloud environment accurately and efficiently.  Bodega does an Actual Resource Consumption (ARC) scan on your current environment to help you understand what you have with 99.9% accuracy,

  • What is in your environment, from servers to devices to containers
  • Source Code analysis for Cloud Readiness of On-Prem Apps
  • How your environment is being used and at what capacity
  • When and where spikes in usage occur
  • Pre versus Post Migration Performance Profiles
  • What is driving consumption

Bodega maps your entire global IT environment to suggest the most economical and resource-sufficient VM and storage for your apps.  Bodega then overlays geo-spatial data to help you choose the best region for your organization’s needs in either Azure or AWS. Because offers and pricing vary by region the key to keeping your cloud spending at bay is to evaluate all of the factors simultaneously.


Our Managed Cloud Migration Service is a fully managed service which combines Bodega’s expert resources with our powerful SaaS-based Cloud Migration Platform to dramatically reduce the risk and time of your migration projects based on our fixed price, low-risk service.

Wherever you are on your Cloud Migration Journey, our trusted Cloud Migration Experts are dedicated to helping you achieve success. We live and breathe migrations every day and this deep knowledge means you avoid many of the common mistakes with the delivery of cloud migrations, saving you time, money and guaranteeing you the best results.  

Our Cloud Migration Experts will work closely with you to develop a migration plan that achieves your project goals, objectives and timelines. The plan includes a review of your application workloads, a review and understanding of your cloud target state and a high-level roadmap for executing the migration plan, including scheduled sessions and a prioritized list of steps to success. 




Not all your on-premise tools will work for your Cloud workloads so Bodega partners with best of breed solutions to provide:

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Backup and Data Access Control
  • Security
  • Analytics
  • Governance
  • Cost Management 

Bodega understands that companies need a unified view across their infrastructure and works with its customers to identify what data provides what insights and how a customer prefers to visualize and make their data actionable.

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